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Eighth Avenue 487, New York
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「まぐろ屋」 今週の(4/18〜4/23)ランチスペシャル! Weekly lunch special!

「まぐろ屋」 今週の(4/18〜4/23)ランチスペシャル! Weekly lunch special!

「海老かき揚げ 蕎麦もしくは饂飩&青菜むすび」


・海老かき揚げ蕎麦もしくは饂飩・青菜むすび・お新香・フルーツ $14.50(お刺身追加 +$4.00)

“Ebi kakiage with soba or udon & Aona musubi”

Juicy shrimp inside the crispy kakiage. It is one of our popular menu. The lunch special also comes with your choice of soba (Buckwheat noodle) or udon along with the aona musubi.

Lunch Special comes with the main dish, pickles and fruit for $14.50 (+4.00 for additional sashimi)

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