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「まぐろ屋」今週の(4/25〜4/30)ランチスペシャル! Weekly lunch special!

「まぐろ屋」今週の(4/25〜4/30)ランチスペシャル! Weekly lunch special!




・海鮮寄せ鍋(饂飩入り)・ごはん・お新香・フルーツ $14.50(お刺身追加 +$4.00)

“Seafood Yosenabe”

It is a hot pot or nabe with Snapper and Seabass collar and head along with shells such as clams. It’s a little bit different from our usual “Yosenabe”. We hope you enjoy.

-$14.50 for yosenabe with udon, rice pickles and fruit. (additional $4.00 for sashimi)

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