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「まぐろ屋」今週の(5/16〜5/21)ランチスペシャル! Weekly lunch special!

「まぐろ屋」今週の(5/16〜5/21)ランチスペシャル! Weekly lunch special!


This weeks lunch special is our Tempura Donburi with many different ingredients flavoured with our homemade sauce. Special also comes with the Hot Wakame soba or udon.


・天丼、わかめ蕎麦(饂飩)、お新香、フルーツ $14,50 (お刺身追加+$4,00)

• Tempura Donburi, Hot Wakame Soba or Udon, Pickles and Fruits for $14.50 (+$4.00 for sashimi)

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